If a PIG came from PIG PALS OF NC and needs to be returned, contact us IMMEDIATELY at pigpalsofnc@gmail.com

All pigs adopted from Pig Pals of NC are required by law to be returned to our organization if the adoptive parents can no longer keep them.

It's a sad story, but occasionally, there is no way to keep your beloved pig friend.

If your pig came from a NC breeder, I would suggest you contact the breeder to have them returned.

A breeder makes money off of the lives of animals. You have the power in your voice to ask the breeder to take responsibility, take the pig back, and let them know that breeding and selling animals for profit comes with responsibility to the animals.  In fact, if you have a contract that clearly indicates a future full-size of your miniature pig, you may have a legal case against them.

They made money from you and they are the ones you should be contacting.

You have the power to make a difference!