Size of Miniature pigs

in the United States

In modern society we know there are people who feel a need to make money but giving false information is illegal in many cases.
If someone states that an animal is going to be a specific weight/size when it is full-grown, BUYER BEWARE!
Height/bone size is mainly determined through genetics. Nutrition will influence bone size but if an animal is limited to feed to minimize growth, the immune system and organ development can be impaired.

Weight fluctuates as with humans. Excess calories = weight gain. Your animal's height will be indicated by the heights of its mothers/father/grandparents.

What does this mean to you?


If someone tells you what will be the full-grown weight of your pig, ask to see the mother and father  AND ask for a veterinarian affidavit that the pigs are indeed a full-grown age of at least 4 years old. Without this information, BUYER BEWARE!

Classification of Miniature pigs

in the United States


As of 2011, the United States Department of Agriculture classified miniature pigs as exotic pets.

However, each state has its own classification as well.

North Carolina classifies miniature pigs as livestock which means they are not allowed within certain cities/towns.

Please check with the zoning/planning department in your location to see if miniature pigs are allowed.


Image description

How to build a pen for a miniature pig

Disclosure: this pen is too small for miniature pigs to permanently live in and is not tall enough to protect from predators such as dogs

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